What is ARK-BIM?

ARK-BIM is a modular web HBIM platform for Archaeology. It was developed on the basis of BIMData and XEOKIT. Then the plugin implementation was designed via via JavaScript, VueJS, XEOKIT and HTML.

Open Source

ARK-BIM is based on powerfull BIMData (BIMData.io) and XEOKIT (xeolabs.com) open source codes. Thanks to FOSS development tools via JavaScript, VueJS, XEOKIT and HTML a custom viewer and platform can be created including ad-hoc plugins.

For Archaeology

ARK-BIM was designed for managing HBIM projects related to Archaeology and Heritage assets. Actual web and client BIM platform have been designed for Architecture, Engineering & Construction, and they rarely can be adapted to historical peculiarities.

Ad-hoc features

In addition to all BIMData features, ARK-BIM includes plugins like: isolate elements; hotspot model; stratigraphic unit annotation; measurements center, 2D-3D switch and other important functionalities designed for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.

Constantly Updated

ARK-BIM is a set of ad-hoc plugins inside the main viewer. The developed functionalities could be suitable for many archaeological sites but not for other contexts. For this reason, ARK-BIM features will be constantly implemented depending on case studies.


ARK-BIM requires a BIMData account for hosting IFC models, then through access and project tokens you can use your models. More info on BIMData.io



ARK-BIM includes default BIMData features. Moreover it has been implemented with plugins and features usefull for Heritage assets.

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  • VueJS plugins
  • XEOKIT plugins

References plugin

Popup informative modals, usefull for textual descriptions or other resources.

Isolate Elements

Usefull plugin in order to isolate desired elements based on IFC classification.

Pick Stratigraphic Units

Real-time pick and annotate stratigraphic units directly on the model.

Hotspot models

Simple measurements tools in order to extract distances from the model.

Measurements center

Pick and measure distances (x, y, z projections) directly on the model

Edit properties

Default BIMData feature of 0.8.26 viewer version: realtime modification of properties


See ARK-BIM 1.5.1 in action!

Sample model

More information here: BIMData and XEOKIT.


Source Codes

ARK-BIM codes are free to be shared and implemented! Download and craft your personal and modular platform! Source Codes here!

ARK-BIM Viewer interface
ARK-BIM VueJS plugins

BIMData 0.8.26 JavaScript main viewer Download here or here

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Questions about ARK-BIM?

ARK-BIM is a research project carried out by Filippo Diara of Politecnico di Torino, DAD department - G4CH Lab . This work was inspired by the guidelines of the International Committee of Architectural Photogrammetry (CIPA), the scientific committee of ICOMOS, concerning Cultural Heritage documentation and preservation through the utilization of open source solutions for the correct data dissemination, idea also adopted by the GAMHer project (PRIN 2015-2020), who supported and shared this thought.


Feel free to contact us for further information or questions!

  • arkbim.info@gmail.com